Sunday, January 15, 2006

What does the term "Outsider Art" mean to you?

I have seen this term several times, but in various situations. Such as: It can sometimes be applied to art created by those not formally trained. Sometimes it means art by an artist not represented by a gallery. Sometimes it refers to a style - as in one that is outside the bounds of culture's accepted norms for beauty or aesthetic. What does the term mean to you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Outsider art...I am an "outsider"--someone who is different than the status quo. I am not formally trained, nor do I have gallery representation. My style is different than any I've seen--not to sound arrogant! I just don't see many artists making ATCs that are "dark" in nature or have some "hidden, inside pain" in them. All of the ATC art I have seen is superb! Everyone has something wonderous in their art. But mine is, well, changed by my life experiences, even when there is a theme. I put myself in every card I make--even if it's not fully understood by the recipient or viewer of the art. Sometimes I find someone who sees, hears that pain, that part of me that transcends words, and they feel it! Just a little glimpse. So magical to me! It's the reason why I'm alive! Then again, when I think of it, I can "see and hear" others' emotions in their art too. I'm lucky, I guess! ;-)

7:33 p.m.  
Blogger gahlil said...

I fall into this category of "outsider artist". I moved from the Big City to a very small, narrow-minded community where the majority of artists are self-serving hence I am an outsider in more than one way. But I love it. Would I change anything? No. I love where I am with my art. I think that is part of "outsider art" - just being happy doing what you do and not worrying about what others think about what you do ...

1:41 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folk art

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